Our Foundation is getting ready to enter a phase of intense activity in the coming months and for the foreseeable future. It will need the services of good people in several areas of specialisation, as indicated below. Please consider whether you would be interested and spread the word to others who might be.

These are not expected to be full-time positions, initially at least, so only self-employed experts can be considered at this stage. Please indicate your availability in your cover note / expression of interest.

Expressions of interest in the following positions should be sent, along with complete CVs, to and will be considered as they arrive, on a first come – first considered basis.

*Global Governance / UN expert (2 positions, one senior and one junior)
Emphasis on the role of the United Nations Organisation and the United Nations system in global governance, including peace and security, development, human rights, humanitarian assistance and UN reform, Agenda 2020 and Sustainable Development Goals.

*Global Sustainability / Climate Change expert (1 position, senior or junior)
Emphasis on climate change adaptation and mitigation global instruments, national / regional policies and best practices, including the role of the EU and other major actors in the UN negotiations and beyond.

*Global Sustainability / Economy expert (1 position, senior or junior)
Emphasis on the role of the economy on global sustainability and climate action, job creation, income inequalities, alternative indicators and approaches to growth and well-being, the role of the private sector.

*Global Sustainability / Social Issues expert (1 position, senior or junior)
Emphasis on social issues such as gender and gender identity, health and education, including relevant global instruments, national / regional policies and best practices.

*IT – multimedia expert (1 position, senior or junior)
Emphasis on maintaining the FOGGS website up-to-date and visually inviting, as well as enriching it with videos, online courses and other interactive material, possibly also informative games.

*Communication / Public Information expert (1 position, senior or junior)
Emphasis on popularising the message of FOGGS and the outcomes of the work done by FOGGS, its partners and associates in all areas of expertise indicated above in order to shape and inform active global citizens.

*Office manager and event organiser (1 position, senior or junior)
To help run the office and organise the logistics of the FOGGS team, including travel and various events and activities.

*Intern (2 positions)
Advanced Bachelor’s or Master’s students in one of the areas of specialisation indicated in the previous positions.

All positions require very good knowledge of English, both oral and written, as well as computer skills. Proficiency in other languages is an asset. Senior positions require a PhD and at least five years of experience, or at least ten years of experience without a PhD. FOGGS is based in Brussels so preference will be given to residents in the Brussels Region and its vicinity, although telecommuting could also be considered.

Positions associated with FOGGS partnerships with other institutions around the world will be announced in due course and will involve other work stations. Most important for all positions associated with FOGGS is to share and be inspired by the overall approach of FOGGS.

The FOGGS Team

September 2019