FOGGS promotes its goals and its core mission, the construction of the Grand Narrative, by engaging in activities that it organises individually or in cooperation with partners.

Specific projects currently underway

UN2100 Initiative – Innovative and practical ideas towards a modern, more effective, ethical and people-centred United Nations

Development of innovative educational tools to raise awareness about global issues from a big-picture / systems-thinking perspective and train citizens inspired by the Grand Narrative and global service.


Online magazine /

NEW initiative in partnership with ELIAMEP. The overall goal is to promote sustainable development policies and practices in Greece, taking into account good precedents developed at national, European and global levels and involving all relevant stakeholders, from the public and private sectors, as well as civil society. Specific actions are being developed and will start being implemented in the coming months. This is meant as the first in a series of such fora that FOGGS intends to establish with local partners in countries around the world.