Daniel Orth


FOGGS Picture Daniel Orth


Daniel Orth joined FOGGS in September 2020 as Junior Policy Advisor. His tasks included conducting policy research on global and regional intergovernmental bodies, promoting FOGGS’ ideas and activities with external partners, and supporting multiple projects related to sustainable governance and innovation.

Daniel is a governance and sustainability professional with a natural science background and experience in climate-science education and advocacy, stakeholder communication, social innovation, and structuring organizations for a sustainable future. He organized and conducted workshops and talks for NGOs about social equity, the SDG’s and circular- and degrowth-economy models.

Prior to joining FOGGS, he volunteered at a sustainable innovation hub (STPLN) in Malmö, Sweden (2019-2020) working towards the democratization of production processes, building awareness for resource-use, and the benefits of a circular design.  Before that, Daniel worked for the Jane Goodall institute Austria (2018-2019), tackling equity issues, EU climate-policy and sustainable development education.

Daniel holds a BSc in biology from the University of Vienna with a specialization in anthropology, and a MA in leadership and organization for sustainability from Malmö University. He speaks German and English and has a sound basic command of French and Spanish.