Our origins

Established in Brussels in 2013, the Foundation for Global Governance and Sustainability (FOGGS) is a think-and-do tank, serving at the same time as research and ideas-generation centre, discussion forum and advocacy mechanism. FOGGS is a Public Benefit Foundation under Belgian law and is governed by its statutes, as modified.

The FOGGS founders were inspired by the work of the UN Secretary-General’s High-Level Panel on Global Sustainability (2010-2012), which, among other things, was instrumental in introducing the concept of Sustainable Development Goals. The initial aspiration was for FOGGS to continue the Panel’s work, including in the area of the economy, which had proven particularly sensitive for the Panel to tackle.

Our vision

FOGGS was relaunched in 2018 with new ambition and primary focus on putting together a positive and sustainable “Grand Narrative” for the era of globalisation that we are living in.

The Grand Narrative is a story that brings together humankind and reconciles it with the planet we live on. It is a means to re-tool personal, business and political choices and apply in practice an innovative and sustainable economy geared towards well-being, a society that respects diversity, a natural environment that is at balance and systems of governance that are transparent, inclusive and work for all.

Activities within the three “think-acts” of FOGGS, namely Global Governance, Global Sustainability and Global Citizenship contribute towards building the Grand Narrative.



The FOGGS Executive Board provides strategic direction for the work of the foundation, supervises the activities of the Executive Director and the Secretariat, and ensures the fulfilment of its objectives. It is composed of independent personalities with broad professional, academic, research and policy experience, serving in their individual capacity irrespective of other affiliations.
The day-to-day activities of FOGGS are overseen by the Executive Director, who is also a Board member, represents the Foundation in its contacts with other public and private bodies, and heads the Secretariat.

Who we are


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Being a foundation, FOGGS has no members as such, beyond the individuals serving on its Executive Board. It relies, however, on the substantive input, financial and moral support by individuals and organisations from across the world. If you would like to join the expanding FOGGS community, please fill in the I-Support-FOGGS form or contact us at info@foggs.org

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FOGGS is currently funded by its founders, who are serving on the FOGGS Executive Board. The process to diversify the sources of funding and increase the amount of resources available has started, so as to serve in the best possible way the ambitious aspirations of FOGGS. The foundation accepts corporate and individual donations, foundation or public body grants, conference fees, and sales of publication and online courses and other services. If you would like to support FOGGS financially please click on the I-Support-FOGGS form above.


Partnership agreements are being signed between FOGGS and other organisations which share similar core values and want to pursue joint activities in areas of mutual interest. A list of such partner organisation will be published shortly.

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We are grateful for any financial support that you could provide towards the activities of FOGGS. You can wire your contribution to the following account:

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