Our origins and focus

Established in Brussels in 2013, the Foundation for Global Governance and Sustainability (FOGGS) is a think-and-do tank, serving at the same time as research and ideas-generation centre, discussion forum and advocacy mechanism. FOGGS is a Public Benefit Foundation under Belgian law and is governed by its statutes, as modified in 2018, 2020, and 2021.

The FOGGS founders were inspired by the work of the UN Secretary-General’s High-Level Panel on Global Sustainability (2010-2012), which, among other things, was instrumental in introducing the concept of Sustainable Development Goals. The initial aspiration was for FOGGS to continue the Panel’s work, including in the area of the economy, which had proven particularly sensitive for the Panel to tackle. In 2018 the work of FOGGS was refocused towards putting together a new “Grand Narrative” for globalisation.

You can find a non-exhaustive presentation of what FOGGS does here

Our mission

  • To develop and promote a Grand Narrative of hope, for a people-centred, planet-friendly, inclusive and sustainable globalisation in a digital world;
  • To help address major global challenges through a revamped global governance system and engaged, responsible and informed global citizens;
  • To ensure that the rapid and transformative technological and digital advances contribute to a more just and equitable world, with a better life for all people.

See also statement issued on 24 January 2020 by the FOGGS Executive Board with the title
Securing the future of our species: Towards a global governance system able to manage an inclusive and just transition


The FOGGS Executive Board provides strategic direction for the work of the Foundation, supervises the activities of the Executive Director and the Secretariat, and ensures the fulfilment of the Foundation’s objectives. The Executive Board members serve for renewable 3-year terms in their individual capacity irrespective of other affiliations.  The day-to-day activities of FOGGS are overseen by the Executive Director, who is also an Executive Board member, represents the Foundation in its contacts with other public and private bodies, and heads the Secretariat. The Advisory Board consists of personalities of broadly recognised stature from academia, international or national civil service, civil society or the private sector, who advise the FOGGS Executive Board, the Executive Director and the Secretariat on a case-by-case basis, according to their expertise and availability, without bearing responsibility for the Foundation’s management.


Being a foundation, FOGGS has no members as such, beyond the individuals serving on its Executive Board. It relies, however, on the substantive input, moral and financial support by individuals and organisations from across the world. If you would like to join the expanding FOGGS community, please register at the bottom of the home page to receive our newsletter, send us a donation as described in the section that follows and/or contact us with your cooperation ideas at info@foggs.org

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Up to now, FOGGS has been funded primarily by its founders and the members of the FOGGS Executive Board. The process to diversify the sources of funding and increase the amount of resources available has started, so as to serve in the best possible way the Foundation’s mission.

We are grateful for any financial support that you could provide towards the current and future activities of FOGGS, as presented in our Development Campaign 2021 brochure. You can wire your contribution to the following account:

Account Holder: Foundation for Global Governance and Sustainability (FOGGS)
Bank name: Belfius Banque SA, Brussels, Belgium
Account number/IBAN: BE41 0689 0004 1910


To advance its work FOGGS often relies on partnerships with other organisations which share similar values and interests. The partners are mentioned under each specific activity.