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Thomas has long and diverse experience in international relations and communications. Over the last 20 years, he has worked with several intergovernmental organizations at both the headquarter and field level, moving across the spectrum from development and humanitarian aid to conflict management. At FOGGS Thomas works with all aspects of the Global Resilience Council (GRC) Project related to advocacy and communication. He supports the execution of the project by preparing strategies for political advocacy work and advises the team on online and offline communication as well as media relations.  

His professional interests reside in the intersection between international emergencies and mediated communication, specifically the role of media in causing, maintaining, but also resolving such crises. Back in his native Finland, Thomas has participated in research aimed at strengthening government communication and citizen participation, and recently spearheaded a public advocacy campaign for transparency and accountability in the capital’s governance. 

Thomas holds a Masters in Media and Communication Studies, including studies at both University of Amsterdam and University of California, Berkeley, and presently pursues doctoral research at his alma mater, University of Helsinki.