or the essence of the Grand Narrative in a few simple points

Ideologies have come and gone, often leaving disaster in their passage. We look back at human history and we learn the lessons that need to be learnt, making them part of our inclusive Grand Narrative. We have a long-term view, share the points and attitudes indicated below, and work for a globalisation that is human-centred, just and beneficial for each and every person on the planet, and for the planet itself.

1. Overarchingpoint – Harmony within humanity and with planet Earth

Through evolution and culture, humanity has come a long way towards asserting its preponderance over all other species on our planet today. This is a position of strength but also of responsibility, towards each individual human being and towards the other species as well as the natural resources of Mother Earth. We can live our lives in good health, happiness, peace and prosperity only if we respect that responsibility. And only united and acting in harmony can we address universally shared challenges, like poverty and hunger, conflict and war, climate change, environmental degradation, and disease.

 2. States and nations, and international organisations – At the service of people, not the other way round

3. Human diversity and tolerance, mobility and restraint – Respecting each other’s rights and accepting our responsibilities

4. The economy at the service of humanity – Not the other way round

5. For science and technology the sky is the limit – But don’t lose the link to society

6. Need for active global citizenship – It is ultimately up to each and every one of us to improve our world